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    Hello! I am Loïc Tolinos

    I'm a Game Designer junior.
    I always focus on Game and Narrative Design. I've loved lore in games since I was a child.
    My goal is now to design and share fun mechanics and stories with other players. Let me introduce you to my work!

About me

I am a Game Designer Junior looking for a job.

I like to design mechanics which are simple to take in hand but which propose a gameplay depth. Their purpose is to provide a feeling of achievement or power when the player understands all of them.

One thing I try to blend in my design is that there is elements of knowledge hidden in the game. They can be useful for the player, can increase their generale knowledge or can help them in the game if they already know it.

Tabletop RPGs are one of my favorite hobbies. As a player and a DM, I like to create stories that will absorb my players and make them live a good adventure. It's an extremely good social experience, from the DM or player point of view.

My educational journey gave me the basics in a lot of fields, so it helps me when I'm working with a team on a video game, because I can talk with programmers or artists to fullfill my ideas.

Soft skills


Even if I work with Unreal Engine and Unity I had to work on a custom engine during my first internship.


In the video game industry, teamwork is essential and I really like to learn by working with new co-workers.


I quickly adapt to new workplaces and I am able to fit in any team I have to work in.

Get in Touch with Me

Feel free to contact me through mail, Twitter or LinkedIn!

Yvelines, France

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