My Souls like map - Level Design

This level was made for a game from the Souls serie, more precisely, Bloodborne.

The Souls serie being one of the franchise I like the most, I always admired their level design and how they constructed them. It really gaves me inspiration for my own design and the creation I make on my own.

For the map, I especially worked on a possible bloodborne sequel, where the humanity unlocked new technology, with steam, electricity and alchemical fluids. The world is more steampunk-like, evolving around the notion of fluids instead of blood only. I kept the dark aspect of the Souls, believing that it works really well with this type of environement.

Working on this map really challenged me on the point I find the most interesting in the Souls games, like verticality, shortcut, connectivity of all the paths in the map, rewarding exploration, balanced encounters and the feeling of being lost in the level, but always finding the way back to the spawn. And not necessarily by dying.