A race of humanoids slimes



The College of Madness

A college for the bards that lost their minds.

Warlock patron: The Wealthy One

A patron that gives powers for the one who offers them money.

Savras Guardian

A boss, created to guard the last temple of the god of Destiny, Savras.

Savras Rest

The last Temple of Savras, full of evil elementals.

Astralys, the flying vessel

A flying ship, with many decks and NPCs, flyed by its own crew and the Player characters.

D&D Content - Game Designer / Level Designer

For 10 years now, I've been a Game Master for different tabletop RPGs (Dungeons & Dragons, Deadlands, Naheulbeuk...) and I've been working on them, to create my own content for these games.

Recently, the work on my homebrew campaign took a lot of my time and I decided to present what I'm working on on a more design point of view. D&D being my first RPG, it always had a special place in my mind. That's why I created different content for it, designing races, classes and new monsters, building maps, writing NPC and deities.

Here, I'll show you what all this work led to, and what I learned by doing all of it. I'm still working on some of it and even on new content.

Designing classes, races and even maps is a very good way of learning, adapting to a system already existing and with it's own constraints. I need to learn and adapt my design, keeping an eye out for balance issue, design that aren't fun enough or that doesn't work or fit with the universe or the rules.

For the creation of all of these designs, I worked with The Homebrewery, Schmeppy and you can find and play with them on D&DBeyond.