Make The Hero - Lead Game Designer

Make The Hero is the game I worked on for my 5th and last year at RUBIKA Supinfogame. It's a god game with elements of RPG, in VR and made with Unity. I was part of a team composed of another game designer, a producer, a programmer and two game artists. You can see the trailer of the game, just above.

The player embodies the God of Crafting, a powerful being who can create many items in his three divines workshops: the Forge, the Alchemy Laboratory and the Scriptorium. He needs to create a little hero, because the world he created is attack by strange and evil beasts. With the workshops and all the tools he has, he will create better equipments to help his hero defeat the invaders.

For this project, I was the Lead Game Designer of the group. I was in charge of the game's vision, talking with all the members of the team to make sure that all the ideas and their results were in line with our objectives and designs. When the other members had questions, I was the one needed to answer.

The tasks I worked on were:

- Design and thought about the VR: Virtual reality problematics, player experience, interaction with the RPG part of the game;

- Design of the story: what we want the player to live, how we want him to live it, the feelings we want to create, the quests;

- Design of RPG system: Statistics, combat formulas, hero's customization, interaction with the crafting part of the game;

- Design of the crafting in VR: the three workshops and their differences (challenges, tools, spacial and time management;

- Balancing of the game: balance for the items used by the hero, the ressources of the player and the power of the ennemies;

- Creation of content: items, ennemies, areas of the world, backstories, quests and lore.

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