Tatanes'Quest - Game Designer / Level Builder / Programmer

Tatanes'Quest was a end of studies project made with Unreal Engine 4. In a team of 5 students, we created a game and presented it at The City of Sciences in Paris

Tatanes'Quest is a 2D sidescroller coop game. The players control uncommon heroes and they will have to beat the scenario of a megalomaniac Game Master. There's a lot of humour in the game, although it's in french, and the unique abilities of the characters plus the atmosphere created by the voice of the GM are the strong points of this project.

On this project, I assumed different roles:
- The game idea was a mix between my concept and an other one, so I assumed half of the project management. I knew what I wanted to achieve so I managed our ressources, especially in programming, because we didn't have a programmer.
- I participated in the design of the features in the game.
- I made a big part of the level design and all the bosses design. Even if they were not implantend in the game, it was a good exercice and I learned a lot by doing it.