Chef Battle

The Chefs of the game.

Chef Battle - Narrative and Game Designer

I worked on Chef as a Narrative and Game Designer intern from July 2019 to December 2019 at Nolaroads. It's a mobile game, in which the player is a freshly graduated chef. His:her main mission: gain in reputation, enhance the restaurant and proudly show what the chefs of the best culinary school can do!

My missions were take the old lore and narrative documents and put it up to date. I had to write the characters, to keep a consistency between them and the new lore. In the end, I was in charge of all the narrative parts of the game and gained a lot of responsibilities.

I wrote and designed the missions and the quests of the game, which the players must complete to earn rewards, like experience points and soft currency. This was an interesting tasks, and a pretty challenging one, because the game changed during my internship. So, the design and the core gameplay moved, impacting the missions and how I thought them.

Narrative Design wasn't the only thing I did. I also worked on the Game Design of the game, such as the quests system and the level up system. Because of the changes that happened on the game, I was called as backup to help the design team with all the work they had.

This intership taught me a lot of things about Narrative Design and working with difficult conditions. The changes in the team, on the game or the deadlines really challenged me. I'm happy with what I learned and with what I've designed.