Goddess' Tears - Level Design / Sound Design

Goddess' Tears is a level I made with Unreal Engine 4 during a Level Design Workshop. Using free assets, I had to build an entire level with this constraint : "This level will be based on Fight and Platform mechanics." The objective of my level was to guide the player through the place and made him find all the hidden statues. For that, I used different approaches : different paths through the wood, sonor clues, visual assets like big statues and their lights.

I had three weeks to do this level. It was a good experience, the first time I really built something with UE4. I started by making a paper version of the level with two differents parts: the surface and an underground area. I also did the AI of the ennemies, not the smartest but they do their job.

The level is cut in two parts : the forest and a great cave. The forest is a zone with many paths to take and a bunch of ennemies, waiting for the player to pass by. When the player finds a goddess statue, the next one is always visible from the actual spot. There are three statues to find before the player can go further.

Finally, I decided that my scope was too large so I transformed the underground part into a great cave, easier to do and thus turned it into a platform area.

In the end, I dropped one feature, because of the lack of time, it was a buff that would have been given to the player when he found the statues: the character would have been stronger, quicker and with a lot of additional health points. After that, I balanced my level as regards this change.